Tuesday, December 7, 2010

The MOM Show

There's a wonderful show that I just found out about on fellow Vancouver Potter Fredi Rahn's website called 'the MOM show': all about women artists and the juggle they have being a mom and making work.  The show is only on until December 10th at  the Turman Larison contemporary Gallery in Helena, Montana, but there are beautiful photos of the children/and artist mom with the work and artist statement on the website that I found so poignant and inspiring.  As a mom and maker myself, I am constantly in a juggling act between creating and being a mom.  I have short spurts of making time, and then I'm off to pick-up from school/ take to skating lessons/ make dinner/ teach life lessons/ stop sibling fights/ laugh at silly stories/ admire drawings/ work on homework/ brush teeth/ do laundry/ read stories/ and kiss goodnight.  Oh yes, life is full.  Very, very full. 

I absolutely loved the image of Fredi reading to her son in bed.  Fredi's work has always inspired me. Her pots have such a warm, wonderful, and playful quality to them- we have a number of her espresso cups that Dean uses almost daily.  I've always loved her use of pattern and design, both on the surface and in the decoration of her pots.  Her home studio sale is coming up this Sunday, December 12th at 2705 Yale Street around the back, from 12-5.  Wish I could make it there!!

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