Wednesday, December 1, 2010

It's December!!!

We got a bit of snow (for 2 whole days!!) a couple of weeks ago just to get us all excited for Christmas- the boys got to go outside and play in the snow and it made our week extra special.  Something about falling snow and all the Christmas lights on the houses makes me feel all festive, despite the busyness.  Dean started working on his annual Christmas mix tape- I'm hoping he can create a pod-cast of it this year so I can pass it along to you.  It's always entertaining- the hidden gems and sometimes very obscure Christmas music he finds out there.
It's only about a week (9 days, to be exact) until the One of a Kind Vancouver Show and I'm loading my last bisque of the year today! So that's it folks! That's all! I have 2 glaze firings to go and I will be finissimo for the season! I tell ya, I put my last handle on a teapot the other day and felt soooo ready to be done!  You know it's time to quit when you can't bear to trim another pot.  I kept telling myself- 'just 5 more, heather, just 4 more...'  Well, it truly is the final countdown! Yikers, got to get to the studio folks!

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