Friday, March 26, 2010

Next level knitting & Janna Maria

Let's just say I've got a basic scarf down. No pearling yet, just knitting, but I've been coveting some patterns.  And maybe a beret, or a tuque, or perhaps, just some hand-warmers.   I realize this might take a little more concentration on my part, and maybe even a knitting class but recently a skein of beautiful yarn makes me kind of giddy.  Is that normal?  Walking into a yarn shop and drooling over yarn?
I recently re-connected with Janna of Janna Maria through my sister.  A very talented knitter (and weaver), Janna is currently in a Textiles program at Capilano University, soon to be off to Concordia in Montreal to complete her degree.  I'm always excited to talk to people who are laying the foundations for their career by going to school.  There is something so enriching about the experience of school, even though, really, most 'professional' knitters out there probably haven't gone to school to make a business out of it.  Janna's work is exquisite, and I can't wait to see where she goes from here!

To purchase some of Janna's work please go here.
To purchase the pretty gray scarf with the scalloped pattern check out the listing the Namolio Etsy shop here. I've just added it to my favourites- lovely stuff!
And for some patterns for the more experienced knitters out there of the Beret/tuque/gloves, check out the Purl Bee shop blog- they have patterns for so many amazing things on the side bar!  Next time I'm in New York, I will be sure to visit this store!!


becka said...

Oh yes, it is very normal. Or, at least normal for me. You should come to one of our stitch 'n bitches if you can, there's a real range of knitters and lots of helping hands!

dahlhaus said...

Thanks for the invite Becka! I'd love the details!

Ashley Schott said...

Good for you! You'll be a pro in no time:) When I was learning my friend got me a book called "Love to Knit" and I still use it all the time because it has super cool and really easy patterns. You should check it out. Great post!