Monday, March 8, 2010

In season

Every March I head over to my local florist to ask whether the Ranunculus are in season yet. For 3-4 weeks in spring you can get them in shades of red, peach and this lovely white with a deep purple on the tips of the blooms. These are really romantic flowers- their stems and leaves like to curve all over the place, their petals are so soft and delicate but they open up to these great dark brown or black centers that really remind me of my 'poppy' design. The red and peach ones sure look great in my poppy vases, so if you have one of these around, stop by your florist to pick out a few stems.  Mine were only about $1.50 a stem- not much for a good week of enjoyment, especially if you keep them out of direct sunlight.
It's Spring Colour Week over on Poppytalk and today is pink, tomorrow is chartruese green, wednesday is yellow, thursday is mauve/purple, and friday is robin's egg blue.  Here's looking forward to a colourful Spring Break week!