Saturday, February 14, 2009

ON TRAC Artist Collective on South Granville!

I just received word that my submission for the brand new artist collective, ON TRAC (ON The Rise Artist Collective) on South Granville street has been accepted! Our inaugural exhibition will be on March 5th and it looks like I'll be part of the line-up for this new venture! The gallery space, in the premium location of South Granville (right by Heffel Fine Arts), has been leased out to the collective at an amazingly low cost for the area. This is what makes this collective opportunity so unique and great to be a part of: the cost for the artists involved are really minimal and all sales of work go 100% to the artists. I'll keep you posted with show dates!

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minisuperbias said...

heya there! found your blog from your website which i found from this article ( that features your ceramics. Love the poppies! I especially like the little teapots. Good luck!