Tuesday, February 17, 2009

a bit 'o press

When I first sat down to write down my 'business' plan a couple of years ago, I thought a lot about laying the ground-work for marketing what I do. As much as I knew my work might change and evolve, my strategy, more or less, was to make my work look great! So I hired a fantastic graphic designer and photographer, and we created a backdrop for how to introduce my work to the world, so to speak. The thing I hadn't thought of in my 'marketing plan' was promotion. I kind of assumed that if everything looked good and I did my thing to the best of my ability, that the promotion would just arrive on my doorstep, so to speak. Well, this is sometimes the case, and other times, I realize that I need to put in more thought and effort for this to happen. I've been slowly working on this, but today, promotion has landed on my lap and I'm excited to pass it along!

Someone out there in blog-land (her blog has amazing baked stuff, check it out here ) was kind enough to send me a link to another blog that has featured my work called Serendipity and Spark. Thank you to Carolyn for the great plug! I also checked out her blog where she has some great other finds! Nice.
The Federation of Canadian Painters have a painting contest called Painting On The Edge and they want to use my painting to promote it internationally! Last year I was one of 40 artists chosen out of 700 world-wide for their exhibition here in Vancouver, and while I didn't win $2500 (still a bit bitter about that loss), I seem to have 'won' their favour in the promotions departement! Very Nice!

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