Thursday, February 19, 2009

March Forward

Well here's a little up-date on the aloe aristata that is currently blooming in my window! I kept hoping the long blossoms would actually open up. Maybe it does during 'midnight' conditions (it's got to be called a 'midnight lotus' for something) and I haven't quite been able to replicate that. They just have this long shape with this tiny little opening at the tip, I guess big enough for a hummingbird's beak to get inside of it. It's kind of mysterious, this plant, and I'll have to chat with Abby at Kermodi about it next time I see her!
Thinking ahead to my March shows..! I'll be busy with my first Painting show opening at the new gallery initiative on South Granville on Thursday, March 5th, 7-10pm. Today I went by the new home for ON The Rise Artist Collective (ONTRAC), and met with Merete Kristiansen, who, as she said, 'has the rolodex to make this kind of venture happen'. I'm really excited about her vision, background, education (Master's in Art Gallery Management ), and connections (Dad owns oldest gallery in Vancouver), and was pretty impressed that she's volunteering to start this up!
My next gig in March will be in conjunction with The Hermit's CD release party and art show, "Turn up the Art" opening March 14th at 8pm-1am at the Chapel Arts.
And at the end of March, I'll be at Portobello West Market for their season opener with my ceramics, March 28-29 at the Rocky Mountaineering Station, from 12-6!

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