Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Now for something completely different

There are times when I kick myself for making work that's so much work to make.   When I started
the dahlhaus collection, I wanted the work to stand out, to be recognized without having to turn over the bottom to see the stamp.  Using a complex glaze method (that I thought no one would be crazy enough to copy), I developed patterns and a glaze style that was uniquely my own.  All that to say that on the 3rd-4th day of glazing a kiln-load of work, my hands are tired and I wish I hadn't made it so complicated and hard on myself.  And then I pull out a glaze full of lovely patterns and I'm back to seeing why my work has stood out and is in demand and I love what I do.  I truly believe that work that is hard to make is worth making and really forges new ground within the history of a craft. 

All this to say, however, that there are times when I long for 'simple' and when I wish that that mere form and colour could inform the work.  Also the busyness of all the patterns all together can get a little overwhelming for me, and there are times when I think it would be nice to have a hit of simple colour in the midst of the patterns when they are all grouped together. 

So here it is, my slowly evolving colour-fade line of ceramics.  It's a small collection of work that I've been mulling over, occasionally deciding to glaze one or 2 pieces in a kiln load, just to see what I think.  This year I decided to be a bit more deliberate with this work.  I am in the process of thinking about a Rothco-inspired vase series with some taller cylinder vases, just trying to sort out how the lines and edges will over-lap to best create this work. With the images above, the bottom bowls are the first 'dipped' edges that I worked on back in 2010, and then last year for the blue and white show, I made the mugs, then before my last photoshoot, I worked on the vases and large bowl.  There are slight variations to how the white glaze meets the colour glaze that I was testing out.  Please don't hesitate to let me know what you think!

*Thank you to all those who have purchased teapots from my shop over the past couple of weeks that the Bon Appetit article has been out! I am glazing more teapots this week (and making more) and I very much appreciate the support of my work!


Anonymous said...

I love the new big bowl and vases and cups! They look fantastic!

krystal said...

Hi Heather!

This simpler work is so fresh. I love the first bowl, and the tri-colour mugs. I'm also taking time to find new ways of glazing that are less time consuming, or that at least offer a break from the more decorative pieces. I've noticed that my more simpler patterns have been going over well at shows, too, which has been another incentive for me to "pare down." Thanks for sharing the new work with us!

Sarah said...

Definitely different, but very beautiful. I think that the contrast of colors on the vases are my favorite, but the bowls are lovely as well. Can't wait to see how these evolve!

room6 said...

Heather! I love these! They feel so fresh, can't wait to see them in person :)

amy h said...

I am a fan of dipped gradations. I think I like the glaze method on the mugs best. I like that there is a light strip of color behind the drippy parts rather than the bright white behind it. It kind of softens it up a bit. The vases seem to have more of a pattern going with the contrast of the drips, which is great, too, but just different. They are all lovely!

I was just working on some cups that have some very intensive carving/inlaying going on, and wondering if it will be sustainable to keep making them. (but I love the pattern so much that I keep going)

Dori Reddig said...

Heather, the bowls stand out the most for me. I love the first big bowl--subtle but stunning! The side-dipped bowls are my favourite. I love the colours and the unique way you have dipped them.

Also, I was standing in the check-out line in a Safeway in Winnipeg, MB and I picked up the new Bon Appetit. Scanning the pages I spotted your beautiful teapot amidst designs of all kinds. Some international, some legendary name brands. It was such an incredible moment to see local, Canadian-made art on those pages. You are an artist to be celebrated!

dahlhaus said...

Thank you for all the feedback everyone! It's so great to hear your thoughts about what pieces are working for you and why!

PurlyPurly said...

LOVE the new blues and graduations of colour.

Mugs and bowls are my fave, but really, who doesn't love all of your work?