Wednesday, December 12, 2012

A little on my lately

Well 2012 is wrapping up nicely.  I spent the past few weeks socked in the studio, finishing up my last glaze firing for the year, cleaning and organizing (check out the new shelves!!) the studio for a photoshoot and then finishing off my last show of the season! It was so great to see everyone at Shiny Fuzzy Muddy this past weekend- what a stellar line up of other designers and makers to be part of.  It felt good this year to be part of small shows, not a really big convention center show.  Something about the intimacy of these shows feels right at this time in my life. 

I'm currently wrapping up with orders being shipped off and have a very little bit of work left.  You will notice that my online shops are pretty bare as shipping costs start sky-rocketing in time for the holidays.  I don't really like to stress about other people's packages arriving in time for Christmas so I would rather not feel that pressure. Usually at this time of year I take the remainder of what I have left to the Gallery of BC Ceramics- which I might still be doing towards the end of the week once the last few local people have stopped by. 

Once again I am so thankful to have local people who know about my work, continue to purchase it for themselves and others.  I know there are really very few people who need another mug in their cupboard or another vase or bowl in their already full houses.  While I sometimes almost shame myself for making more 'stuff' that this world really doesn't need more of, I still believe that objects that are made from the heart and hands have an authentic story and connection to share with those that bring them into their lives.  From the look on people's faces when they come up to my table at a craft show, to the stories of how people use my work over and over and enjoy it, to the phone call I got from someone in Dubai wanting me to send work to his home in Germany in time for Christmas, I continue to marvel where my story and work continues to take me.  These are the little moments I shake my head and wonder and feel really blessed and thankful.

Anyways, today is the 12th day of the 12th month of the 12th year so it seems like a good day to post.  Hope you are well and that you take a moment to pause at 12 just to think how amazing it is to be alive in this rapidly changing world we live in. 

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