Thursday, August 2, 2012

Making time to make

 I'm a bit of a goal-setting kind of girl.  Nothing official, just a good little mental list of things I'd like to do.  This year being my 5th year of being a full-time maker, I figured I would include a few new goals to the list.  One of these goals included taking a workshop just for fun.  You know- some kind of making workshop that didn't break the bank, wasn't going to take up a ton of time, but something that just gave me a reason to make something different for a change. 
Last weekend was the Gather Pop-Up Shop and they offered a bunch of workshops by some really talented people- one of them being the brains behind the blog: The Jealous Curator- which is a really amazing blog to find great artists.  Danielle Krysa, aka the jealous curator, is a graphic designer, a collage artist, a mom, and a blogger.  Sometimes its just so great to connect a face to a blog you've admired!
So anyways I had some fun making something I don't usually make, with materials I don't often think about using, painting with colours I don't often choose.  We did a little drilling, a little embroidering, a little painting, a little cutting, glueing, and some photo transferring- super fun!  It wasn't about the out-come and that was kind of refreshing. 


Anonymous said...

Would love to see your final product!! The photos of the process really makes me want to get collaging!!

dahlhaus said...

The last photo - on the bottom shows my work in progress...