Thursday, August 16, 2012

dahlhaus wedding registry new shop and feed-back

I just finished a wedding registry from this past year (there was the wedding and then the after-wedding a number of months later, so the registry took a little longer then most) and have another registry on the go so I thought I would  create a special shop that can be exclusively for a registry.  It's always special to work with people who really understand all the time and effort that goes into my work, but also it's a real privilege to be able to create work with them and their life in mind.  Recently I received some really wonderful feed-back and thought I would share it here on my blog- just the names were changed  (to... for privacy) otherwise, this is coming straight from them and it means so much!

"We love, love, LOVE our Dahlhaus collection. It has been such a great pleasure and privilege working with you over the past year to collect the pieces we wanted all together, and we have been blessed with lovely friends and family who wanted to help us to do that. We now have a unique and lifelong reminder of our wedding, the love of our family and friends, and a daily representation of our life together, all channeled through your artistry and talent.

When we embarked on the planning for our wedding and celebrations, I didn't really 'get' the whole wedding registry thing, or see why people often signed up for a dinner service or glassware etc. Perhaps most of the time, I just found their choices a bit too fancy or staid or conservative for my taste. But in any case, I didn't 'get' that it could mean a lot to have this special set of ceramic ware that every time you looked at it, took it out, used it, enjoyed it, that it would actually symbolize something greater than it's intrinsic loveliness.

Thank you so much for being an important part of creating ... memories of a truly wonderful year. We will raise a teacup or two to you on our 1st anniversary in October, and every anniversary after that, not to mention all the occasions in between, when your work will be pressed into service in our home and shared with our friends and family."

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