Tuesday, September 14, 2010

weekend baking

Janis from Pinecone Camp asked me yesterday what I had baked on the weekend- you know she has a great weekly post called 'baked on monday' where she bakes the most delicious looking baked goods.  The olive bread she posted about yesterday looked amazing especially with all those vintage baking tins!
Anyways, I lucked out this weekend and bought a whole box of local peaches for $3.99.  Yup- over 60 peaches for a mere 4 bucks.  Ok so they were all ripe on Saturday when I bought them, but after handing a bunch out to the nextdoor neighbours and anyone else who showed up at my door, I decided that I would bake a peach pie.  It seemed like the thing to do on a dreary wet Saturday night when my guy was out of town, I had one boy recovering from the flu, and the other boy happily playing lego in his room. All my pie photos look like they are directly out of some 70's cookbook- yikes! but the pie...well, I'm having a piece for breakfast 3 days later, and it's still tastes like summer to me.
ps Janis- I also baked a couple of loaves of 'Aunt Holly's' Banana Bread which is low in the butter dept., is mixed by hand and is delicious:)

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