Thursday, September 23, 2010

More great Ceramic love on Etsy

Doug Peltzman's pottery (above) totally appeals to the potter in me.  High fired porcelain with underglazed line drawings accenting the form, I can almost imagine the silky smooth feeling of his glazes.  His pulled handles and dowel rolled spouts are fresh and lovely- nothing is overworked, yet everything is considered.  The form and the lines, the transition from one glaze to the next, the lids, the lips, and the foot- with this much going for these pots, I'm sure you will see this guys work on the cover of Ceramics Monthly sometime soon!

 Paula LopezOtero's work on her Etsy shop Paulova, was recently featured in a bunch of blogs after the past Renegade San Fransisco.  I really like her work- the wheel-thrown jars with corked lids and great underglaze designs with shades of turquoise, greens and yellows totally appeals to the modern retro in me. 
Isabelle Abramson's work is stunning! I don't think I've ever seen carve and cut techniques quite like hers- her patterns and lace designs are exquisite and intricately done.  This is no small feat, to get porcelain not to crack with the small incisions she's making, let alone when she goes to wipe all the little clay particles away with a sponge.  Her work is one-of-a kind magic!

That's all for today.  If you would like to see my other post on ceramic finds on Etsy, it's right here.  Now I'm off to trim pots like a good little potter should:)

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