Thursday, September 2, 2010

Take 3: Cross-stitch jewelry

After attempting a few different underglazes (charcoal/turquoise- much too pale, black/prussian blue- much improved), I finally feel like my cross-stitch porcelain pendants are starting to come along. This is one of those projects that's been on hold for a few months while I've been plowing away on all my summer orders. I'm in the final stages of getting the right clear glaze so the 'black' doesn't turn out brown instead of charcoal, and then comes some silver chain experiments. 
I'd love a silver chain with these, but I've completely customized these chains and silver ain't cheap.  I'm no jewelry designer, but hopefully I can come up with a really lovely and not to expensive (ie low time/cost on my part) option for these.  More to come soon...

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Janna Maria Vallee said...

Heather I love them. I can't wait until I can order one!