Monday, August 2, 2010

Island Garden Party & Art Opening

Last summer my sister introduced me to Strathcona Press, a letterpress home studio and gallery run by Jen Van de Pol and Adrian Robertshaw and this last weekend we had the chance to go back for their opening of a photo and letterpress exhibition with photography by Gregory Crow.  The exhibition featured images taken in an old building in Saskatchewan while Adrian and Gregory were out filming there this last spring.  The lovely light and minimal scenes of 'institutional yet homey' spaces were pared with letterpress descriptions that added to the narrative. 

It was so good of Jen and Adrian to include us in their Garden Party for guests that had traveled out from the city to be around for the show.  Their amazing house (full of antiques, beautiful art and found objects from all over the world) and picturesque yard made it a beautiful setting to eat garden-fresh salads and sip on wine. 

For more images of Strathcona Press' gallery and their vintage letterpresses, check out this post by 'any spun thread'.

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