Monday, August 23, 2010

holding onto summer

I'm kicking myself for not buying this little dish at Object Orange.  Something about it reminded me of my poppy design a bit.
How was your weekend?  I took a real weekend off (until last night when I cheated and whipped down to the studio to get a head start on the week).  We had an amazing home-grown dinner with friends on friday night at our place complete with peach and blackberry crumble for desert.  Our friends moved back from Halifax to Vancouver last year and we hadn't spent time all together as families for many years.  There's something so comfortable about getting together with old friends that you haven't seen in a while, where it takes nearly no time to catch up and you feel like your right back where you left off. 
We also got to spend Saturday night over at Cates Park for the last of their concert series with some great bands playing! It's too bad everyone else in the city was rockin it out to the Beach Boys and Bryan Adams at the PNE, missing out on these great local bands playing right on the ocean on an out-door stage.  Anyways, we were there and enjoyed eating a picnic with friends while taking in some really great indie music and a 'big-band' style group! 
Summer just feels so full of great times I don't want it to end....

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