Tuesday, November 17, 2009

New Ornaments and Give-a-way!

Every year I try to make a new tree ornament- last year it was a pear and a cardinal, this year my ornaments have been inspired by winter conifers and shrubs, namely Pine trees and Holly shrubs. I first made a stamp that I carved my original design into, then pressed it onto translucent porcelain and cut each one out. They have been glazed with a pale blue glaze that pools into the carved areas of the design. I really wanted to add something special to these ornaments and so this year, these went back into the kiln with gold lustre painted on the 'frame' of the design. They look simple and elegant with the golden brown ribbon I found to hang them onto your tree! They can be bought at my shop on Etsy!

The give-a-way: I would love to give a way one of each design to a lucky reader as a great start to the Holiday season!  The give-a-way will run until next week and I will announce the winner on Wednesday morning! Please leave a comment below telling me about your favourite Tree ornament on your tree!


Unknown said...

Ooooh I would love a set of these beautiful ornaments. I love the luster. And thanks for inspiring me to make some ornaments of my own... Perhaps one day we should have an ornament swap. :)

spode said...

I love your newest pinecone ornament. It is really lovely!!
Hilda Hildebrand

Melinda E. Welch said...

Hi, I love your ornaments!! I found your blog from Jesse Lu's lovely blog. My favorite ornament is a tiny Noah's Arch line-up of animals I have had since I was two. Its really special.



Heather L. said...

Those are gorgeous! My favorite ornament is a Playdoh/Playdough sculpture I made when I was three. I made it into the shape of my cat and my mother baked it in the microwave. I think it is a bit more special to me now (as opposed to ten years ago) because I'm a ceramics student and it's awesome how something you enjoyed when you were three can somehow influence your choices in studies nineteen years later.