Wednesday, September 16, 2009

house guest

We had a little female kitten come by our place yesterday and she got so much love she decided to stick around... The 'found' posters will go up around the neighbourhood today, to make sure she doesn't belong to another home. In the meantime it's been quite exciting for us all to have a pet again. Our beloved cat of 14 years died this spring and we passed along our bunny this summer to a little girl who's biggest wish was to have a bunny for her birthday. Please excuse the blurry shot, she's actually quite a cute cat but is much friskier than our 14 year old was!
Tomorrow I'll be announcing a give-a-way to celebrate a few things over at dahlhaus so swing on by for that, tell a friend and leave a comment:) Until then, we're growing quite fond of our house guest!

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