Friday, September 4, 2009

Harvest Time!

Gardening is something that I really love to do every year- something about my hands getting full of dirt while planting a seed, watching it grow and then using it in my own kitchen really appeals to my soul, stomach and pocket-book! This year I had pretty good results- it's been our 3rd summer with our little garden and I feel like I learn something every year about what would be best to grow, where to plant things, and what to do different next year to reap a better harvest.
My sister is an avid gardener! That's her garden's harvest (top image) and they JUST moved into their place in June, built raised beds and got busy planting! Anyways, we were fortunate enough to glean some eggplants, zuchini, and a couple of squash when we came home from our holidays so this past week I've been making all things veggie style- grating zuchini & eggplant in with the pasta sauce, stirfry, pizza with home-made tomato sauce, burritos with sneaky hidden veggies and squash & carrot soup. I think today I'll have to try to make chocolate zuchini loaf with the remaining zuchini... any other ideas, anyone?

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