Monday, July 27, 2009

Summer in the City

It's been a great month to catch up on city life as there is so much going on and surprisingly, so many free or budget-conscious events around town to take part in. We were able to get out to Cates Park for their Concert in the Park series, especially to see the Hermit play! It was a great show and the boys loved seeing the bands play while they kicked a soccer ball around and played tag! (I forgot my camera for this one so no great pics of the band playing with the ocean in behind them, and the lightning storm that was so spectacular right afterwards.. too bad.)
While there, a few of us got free Theatre Under the Stars tickets to go to see Annie! I haven't been to an out-door music theatre since I was a kid so this was a real treat! We went with our neighbours last night and saw a pretty amazing performance of a 9 year old girl acting and singing the part of 11 year old Annie. The boys were really engaged with the story line- a little worried after about the whole idea of being an orphan and orphanages afterwards. I guess Miss Hanigan left enough of an impression on them;)

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