Tuesday, July 28, 2009

I heart BC & Lucky Troll

BC Day, our Provincial August 1st long weekend holiday is coming up and in honour of this beautiful province of ours, I thought I'd highlight another great Vancouver Etsy shop: Lucky Troll! Since Canadians are notoriously provincially-minded, I thought the 'Home is Where the Heart is' Pendants were extremely clever and sweet. Each one is hand cut by jewelry designer Katty, out of silver in the shape of provinces or states, even Islands or continents for custom orders! I love the abstract, yet familiar shape of these pendants and with a cut out heart... well home really is where the heart is! I was really smitten with many other things from the shop and will certainly be back!


Lucky Troll said...

Thanks Heather, for featuring my "Home is where the Heart is" pendants here! Have a great BC day!!

a Cagey Bee said...

So cute! I love Lucky Troll's jewelry. Such unique designs!


Unknown said...

Very cool. You don't see things like that very often. Nice one.