Sunday, January 4, 2009

A new year: a new home for dahlhaus!

2009! A new year. I'm sitting here thinking about what I want this year to look like, dreaming a little, hoping for good things. Already things are moving in a new direction. My new studio is moved into. Not set up yet, but moved into. I am looking forward to getting organized, but also just having both my studios in one place, all to myself.
For the past couple of years I have been sharing my space with a host of different artists and craftspeople in a few different studio spaces. This past year I had two studios: a painting space at 1000 Parker St, and a really tiny clay space in the clay co-operative at the Mergatroid building. I am now moving into a larger space, just down the hall from my old clay space at the Mergatroid, my preferred building. I have great ceramic neighbours to chat with on a daily basis, but my working space is my own and I am really looking forward to that! I hope to plan a spring studio open house, I guess ' open-haus' would be more appropriate, sometime after I get settled.
Speaking of house, we are also taking over the basement of our home, which, until this time, has been storage for our landlord. Space in Vancouver is at such a premium. It is such a luxury and is also really great to know we have a little more room for our family to grow up in. The basement is a little bachelor suite with a full kitchen and bathroom- we are thinking we would like to rent it out for the Olympics in 2010.
So I am dreaming about the possibilities of these new spaces at home and for my work and hoping for a great year with many new possibilities and opportunities, roads to travel down and good people to meet. It's a good way to start a new year, don't you think?

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