Sunday, November 30, 2008

Granville Island Visit

I admit that I had alterrior motives for heading over to Granville Island with the family today... I needed to drop off some more ceramics at the BC Gallery of Ceramics that had been special ordered by some of their customers. Since I spent 3 years being on Granville Island almost daily when I went to the Emily Carr Institute of Art and Design (now called Emily Carr University), going there is like going home for me. I usually have to scout out my favourite spots at the Net Loft, and then it's off to the Market for my favourite beverage/snack combos. By far my favourite combos would be: a donut (has to be honey dew) and a JJ bean latte; a chai tea latte from the Granville Island Tea Company and an apple foccatia bread from Terra bread; or for the savoury lunch combo- a soup from the amazing soup place and a rosemary rocksalt bagel. So today, with family in tow, we went for combo #1 and I couldn't help noticing the amazing flowers while I was waiting for my latte. I managed to get some photos of their gorgeous holiday wreaths and bouquets that could inspire the Van Gogh in all of us. What a great way to start my busy week!

On another note, I wrote an article about 'blogging about clay' for the next BC Potter's Guild Newsletter, which should be coming out this coming week. I got emailed the rough draft on friday and I'm kind of excited to see it get published! It's the first article that I've written, and I really wanted to share some of the great resources I've found in my travels on-line with other clay blogs or websites! It's inspiring to read what other clay artists around the world are doing and I wanted to pass that along to others.

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