Sunday, November 16, 2008

Foto Fun!

So I gave picnik a try over the weekend. WAY too much fun. For those who have not yet been introduced, it's like photoshop for dummies- you can upload your photos from your computer or flickr and adjust the lighting/contrast, etc. It will be great for all those photos I've tried to take for my etsy site where the lighting is a bit off or the colour is too yellow. Now I can put them into the program and Viola! I can change that in a pinch.
Of course, one can get carried away. Or, like the photo above, the picnik shot isn't necessarily 'better', it just can create a different mood or effect than your original. You can make the photos a little more artsy or goofy depending on what kind of picture you upload. I'm about to start on Dean's, ahem...40th Birthday invites- should be fun! He is notorious for taking pictures of himself, and now he may regret that.
In other news I'm on the final count-down for the Eastside Culture Crawl! The studio is starting to look more like a gallery than a studio! So exciting! Remember: November 21-23, studio 350, 1000 Parker St!

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