Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Photo Shoot!

In the past 2 years I have made a point of photographing new work professionally. So yesterday was the 4th photo shoot that I did with my photographer, Curtis Hildebrand since launching the dahlhaus line of ceramics in 2007. I had a lot of poppies to shoot this time around, since I only had done the brown poppy mugs last April. The work has come a long way since then and I am super excited about having all these great pictures of it heading into my busy season. I also have introduced a black glaze in the mix with my yellow ginko leaf pattern along with a jewel-like deep turquoise that is pretty stunning too. Along with 7 new paintings to shoot, I realized that I have had a really productive summer and fall.
As you can see, photographing work is a big ordeal. A lot of equipment and a set-up that requires a professional who knows what he is doing. I will be sure to post some of the beauties when I get them into my hands, in the meantime, here are the ones I shot- before the set-up and during.

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