Wednesday, October 1, 2008

back at it from the ground up!

I'm back in the ceramic studio for the next few weeks, after juggling both studios this summer, trying to get ready for my show- which turned out really well, by the way! The opening wasn't quite as well attended as I had hoped, however, it was great to see those who made it out- and there will be a full page spread on the occasion in the local Newspaper in the next few weeks!
Since my clay studio is bare- quite literally every piece of ceramics I have made over the past 2 months is gone- either at a gallery, at my show, or in someone's home... I'm back at it from the ground up, so to speak.
I start with a lump of clay. Then it's on the wheel for a little throwing action. After that everything needs to set up, dry out a little until it's ready to be trimmed, altered, a new bottom to be put on, some handles or a spout or whatever. I'm working on bowls, bottles, vases & platters this week. Next week mugs, teapots, teabowls, creams and sugars. I am hoping to try a few new things in time for Christmas- would love to try a cake plate and some other types of platters.
Also with me today was my son, who was on a mission to make an octopus. At this stage it looked quite human, but he when stuck a large lump of clay on the top of the head and I have to admit, not a bad rendition for a 4 year old...

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