Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Climbing that mountain...

Sometimes I feel like I am on a slow steady climb. In my mind, I imagine this climb to be going up, that each step is on a quest to reach its final destination: the top of the mountain. I have glimpses of the top of a mountain at times. I know that I have a shot at making a good living at this art thing. I have moments of feeling panicked about what it will actually look like to be in that position, to actually consistently have orders pouring in, or have galleries calling me off the hook wanting my work. It actually seems a little stressful when I think about that- great to be in demand, but hopefully not be micro-managed or overly limited by that demand. I know there are ways of producing more work to keep up with that demand, but most of those ways would change the feel and look of my work, possibly comprimising what I enjoy most about the work. And so I plod on, hopefully navigating up the right path, slowly plodding along my merry way and getting excited each time a great opportunity comes my way. There are more and more as I journey on. I ll be sure to keep you posted.

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