Friday, September 7, 2012

New for Fall available at West Elm Vancouver!

Introducing my new glaze pattern for the fall- the Herringbone in colour-ways of turquoise to green, orange to red, grey to blue, shades of blue and yellow to green! Really, the possibilities with this design feel endless and I'm looking forward to not ever feeling bored with this one, despite the extra effort and work involved.

I'm heading over today to the new West Elm store on South Granville in Vancouver to drop off these new vases for their store launch and 'WE heart handmade art' Etsy event that's happening on the 13th of September! It's one of those opportunities that came up while we were away on holidays with a super fast turn-around date.  Fortunately I had pulled these new herringbone colours out of the kiln before we left on holidays.  I'll be expanding the series to include the colour-ways as mugs, teapots and large vases over the next month, similar to the series in blue I created for the Kindred in Blue exhibit this past June!



amy h said...

These are lovely. I think the turquoise-to-green is my favorite. Congrats on the West Elm connection -- I hope it is a good opportunity for you!

dahlhaus said...

Thanks Amy!

Lily from Birch + Bird said...

Loving this pattern and was so happy to see your work inside the new West Elm Vancouver! Can't wait to have Dahlhaus at our new shop later this fall :)