Wednesday, April 18, 2012

New ways of working

Hello there, mid-week already! Where is the time flying off to again??

I'm devoting the next little bit of time to preparing for my show in Toronto (coming up in June). The first samples of some ideas I am working on came out of the kiln on the weekend.  It's work in process- and my kiln fired a bit too hot, so the japanese transfer design is hard to make out, and the edges are very fuzzy.  Oh dear.  There is something really lovely about soft edges and fuzzy designs, but here it's a little too far gone.

Besides the japanese cobalt transfer decals (that little rectangular blue variegated part that goes over the lip of the mug above), I'm also trying out 2 other 'newish' to me ideas glaze-method-wise. One is using underglaze dots for the center of my flowers, the other is drawing into the glaze with wax overtop and then adding a glaze in that line to fill it.  That outer blue fuzzy line would be an example of this idea.  It's kind of like a Mishima technique using glaze.  I'm having a bit of trouble controlling both the carving into the glaze surface, and then adding the other glaze to fill that line.  It certainly calls for a really simple drawing, perhaps not too complicated, which suits the way I work.  I'm not quite sure how much I will use it, but I do like it on this mug. I think it's kind of lovely.

Thank you to everyone who came out to the studio sale this past weekend.  It went really well- was nice to catch up with studio mates and clear out the studio for this next phase of making.  I'm so looking forward to doing a sale like this in spring each year, it's such a great plan.

**Well, it seems I may never get to the rest of my NCECA images after-all.  To be honest, the photos don't all do the work justice- some of the lighting in galleries is just so bad, so I've decided it's just time to keep on moving on blog-wise.

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