Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Rice Lake in Fall

 Sunday was a stunner.  It was a glorious fall day so while Dean headed off for a work trip, the boys and I went up to Rice Lake, a small little lake by the Lynn Canyon headwaters, quite close to our place**.  I had forgotten that people like to fish in this lake.  It was remarkable, really, the amount of people lining the edge of the lake, fishing for little fresh water trout.  The boys were keen to watch people pulling up fish, not so keen to watch the fish get bopped on the head.  Sasha thought it was a shame the fish weren't being kept as pets instead, giving me examples of ways to catch a fish without a hook so that you wouldn't hurt the fish. Oh that kid has a heart of gold, I tell ya.  These are the days I'll remember as they get older.   

**One of the benefits of living in North Vancouver is that we can drive Downtown and it will take about 15-20 minutes.  Or we can drive up the mountain with almost less time and we get to see this.  Best of both worlds, but sometimes depressingly un-affordable if we ever hope to own a house.


Sarah said...

Many people dream about living in a house near the beach. My dream is to own a small lake house in a quiet location with a view of the lake, a rugged path to follow leading to the lake, access to a boat dock and, of course, a boat so as I could go fishing anytime I wanted.

dahlhaus said...

Oh yes Sarah, a small lake house would be amazing!!