Wednesday, July 27, 2011

gone camping

It hasn't exactly been the ideal summer to go camping.  It's rained and has been cold 90% of the time on the westcoast of BC (I know all those heat-wave folks are probably envious, but I guess the grass is always greener...).  So when the weather turned nice this past weekend, we headed out with the Boler up to Hick's Lake, about 2 hours outside of Vancouver, to go camping with our neighbours and their 2 younger boys.  Arriving on a balmy warm day seemed a little too good to be true, and despite the weather forecasting sunny and warm, it quickly turned cold and nearly raining on us.  While I'm not too keen on the bug bites, the outhouses, lack of showers, or camping in the rain (despite us having Dean's folk's Boler to keep us dry at night), it was good to be out of cell range, stoke a campfire in the evenings and camp with the neighbours.  We feel so fortunate to live on a street where we can connect with people beyond a little wave while getting the mail!

**We came back to the sad news about Norway, including news through friends that one of their family members was at the camp where the shootings took place.  Apparently she found a place to hide and was safe, however I can only imagine the shock, horror and tragedy that is affecting so many people who were involved or had family involved.  My heart goes out...

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Anonymous said...

That's terrible re: Norway - horrific. Glad you got away camping.