Thursday, June 2, 2011


I'm taking some time this week for things non-studio related.  It's been good to meet some friends for tea and breakfast, pick the kids up from school and take them to their swimming lessons, and go for a run perhaps more than once this week.  I really need these time, times to re-group.  To think about what's next, reflect on the past, and just be in the present. 
It's been nice to have Sarah in the studio with me over the past month.  She's been helping me in the studio once or twice a week.  Having an extra set of hands is a welcome change- the work seems to move much quicker than usual.  At the same time, I'm always reminded of how many little nuances there are in my work that I do without thinking.  Those little details that I've learned from figuring it out myself- from trial and error, and then trial and error again before I get it right.  It's hard to pass those things along to someone new without sounding like I'm being 'uber' picky.   But all in all, I think it's been good.  Having help and all. Especially when my hands have been feeling tired.
I sometimes wonder how potters who've been potting professionally for 40 years do it.  Making pots is hard on the body.   It's hard on one's back and shoulders, arms and hands.  So far I count myself very fortunate to have had strong hands and wrists to begin with.  Most likely practicing violin for 4 hours a day in my late teens made the transition to ceramics much easier on me. Clearly I'm not 18 anymore.  And I'm starting to feel it. 

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Unknown said...

Try gifting yourself yoga classes...that or regular massages. It's too bad we can't write those things off on our taxes or have health insurance pay for them, but they are great for potters...and just about everyone else too ;)