Wednesday, May 25, 2011

I'll be here...

photo taken in 2009 by Sherri Koop
Things will be a little busy in the studio this week: a few more shop orders to get out the door, some custom work being made, and a group of visitors attending this conference want to come by to see my studio.  In the midst of glazing all my work, the studio will need to be cleaned up- a daunting task to say the least.  Glazing never looks pretty- buckets and bisqued pots everywhere, glaze drips on the floor.   And since I went to pick up shipping supplies last week, there are stacks of boxes and packing peanuts (the earth-friendly ones;) taking up a fair bit of square footy.  Not to mention my painting supplies. 
Anyways, I have a couple of posts planned for this week, but things might be a wee bit quiet.  I hope you are having a great week! 

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krystal said...

Look at all those babies! Go Heather! I love peeking into your studio.