Monday, September 29, 2008

Bunnies and Birds...

I have been extremely fortunate to have a great group of Studio-mates surrounding me in both my ceramic space and my painting space and it is quite exciting to see what they are up to! Definitely worth sharing with others. Today's blog will be about my good friend Amy at an illustrator, screenprinter, and sewer who is working on a new line of hand-made houseware items. We have been talking about collaborating on a number of things- matching up teapots to tea-cozies, napkin and placemats to table settings. All talk so far-no rock. It'll happen though- we are 'kindred spirits'.
Amy's illustrations of extremely sweet bunnies, birds, etc, have inspired me to get back into drawing, as you will see from my recent Owl pendant necklace above that is currently for sale at on my etsy site! How cute. You might just have to have a look- for more!

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