Friday, August 19, 2011

Lost & Found Paintings

Sometimes it's nice to find paintings in places I wouldn't expect. It inspires me to think differently about venue, space, mark making and colour.   I really love the random marks and painting on the bottom garage-  made by kids? with painted over graffiti and faded zebras...

Two major commercial art galleries in Vancouver have closed their doors.  It's caused a bit of a ripple of speculation among artists about reasons that are beyond just the economy, or the personal reasons of the gallery owners.  Some say the amount of art fundraisers in Vancouver at this time have changed how people buy art.  That people feel better about buying art when they are supporting a greater cause.   Perhaps without realizing it, what seems like a win/win for an art collector, has the potential to be a  lose/lose for both the galleries that support artists, and the artists themselves. 

It's  been interesting to think this through over the past few days and just to wonder about how art markets around the world have been changing.  Two fairly recent films I've watched about contemporary art were The Great Contemporary Art Bubble by Ben Lewis and Exit through the Gift Shop by Banksy.  Both had me really thinking about contemporary art, it's relevance, it's value, and purpose.  I find the art market rather intimidating, perhaps this is why I make more ceramics then paintings, but also very intriguing. 


arounna said...

I'm a big fan of bansky
and those paintings I much prefer over tagging
that's sad about those galleries shutting down
it's been so hard for artists

Unknown said...

I want to see the Great Contemporary Art Bubble soooooo bad. But you can't really find it here in the States very easy. How did you come across it up in BC?

Also loved the Bansky movie... He's freakin' brilliant.

dahlhaus said...

Hi Jesse, Actually I went to see the Great Cont. Art Bubble at the Vancouver International Film Fest- the film maker was even in attendance, so it was an experience I won't soon forget. I'm not sure how else to see the film, although, perhaps at an Art School or University. Sometimes they get those types of films in their library- you may have to watch it there, but it's worth the hunt!!
And the Banksy movie- so great! What did you think: was it all set up by Banksy or was it legit? I found it brilliant on so many levels, it doesn't really matter to me.