Tuesday, July 13, 2010


I'm back after taking a few days of an un-announced 'blog break'.  We had a busy weekend- going to a wedding, finding a new Candy shop, cheering for Spain at the World cup, and me spending more time in the studio on a weekend than I would like. (That's what I get for letting my galleries know that I will be away for most of the month of August.) I did get to enjoy a couple of home-made Mojitos with fresh mint from the garden. Mmmm.
July is complicated- Dean runs his huge Skateboard 'amazing race' style camp late July/early August, so he is knee deep in Skate Camp prep.  And the boys are home full-time.  They are in a morning camp this week- it's a community camp that I've often helped out with a little girl who has special needs (my former career).  I really enjoy helping out and this year didn't have the heart to not do it because things were too busy at the studio, so that's where I am this week in the mornings. Needless to say I'm spending every evening at the studio until around midnight finishing off all the orders that will have to go out before we leave on August 6th for holidays.  We'll be doing the usual for holidays this year- heading to Vernon and the Island, but this year, to celebrate a big wedding anniversary, Dean and I are planning a train trip to Portland.  So I'll be in and out here this week with some news and links - thanks for hanging in there with me:)

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