Sunday, January 3, 2010

Getting back in the groove...

Despite the unusually warm Christmas we had here in Vancouver, we were able to catch a little snow over the holidays, along with some ice skating on a frozen lake and pond, and some sledding!  It was a much-needed holiday break visiting with friends, getting served great meals, me knitting like a mad-woman (man is knitting addictive!)  and generally just spending a lot of time with the boys.  Tomorrow they are back to school and life gets back to normal- yikes.  I've been slowly cleaning the house of the Christmas decorations and am making way for some new (used-teak) furniture and a  little more organization around the office area.  I will be back to the studio tomorrow to take a little inventory and start on some much needed replenishing of stock! Hope the start of your year has you well rested and healthy!

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