Sunday, December 13, 2009

shiny fuzzy muddy, Muddy edition

I'm doing a quick post before returning to day 2 of the shiny fuzzy muddy show.  It's been a great experience so far- the show has such amazing work, it's not an overwhelming show (as in not too much stuff) and the response from the public has been amazing! Thank you everyone who came by yesterday to support local artists!  I nearly sold out of a lot of what I had brought, so I'm off to the studio this morning to replenish the stock! A good sign!
So here is a look at the Muddy portion of the show-  hey day designs, dahlhaus, cul de sac (aka Laura McKibbon), and Jasnart.  All of us do such different work, but it's a great mix to put together. A little slipcast porcelain, wheel-thrown Porcelain Cone 6, and hand-built lowfire with screenprinted designs, and Jasna's beautiful sculpture and wall art.  I'm being a little lazy with the links today, due to time constraints, but will be back tomorrow with more work to look at!
PS my Etsy shop is currently on vacation!  I'm gearing down in a big way this week and any left over work will be at the BC Gallery of Ceramics come thursday!

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