Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Keeping the cog turnin'

I've been a bit tardy on the blog the past couple of days but busy as a bee in the studio. I am getting ready for Portobello West Calgary May 8-10th and also gearing up for my first month (April 13-May4) as a Poppytalk Market participant! I've been pulling some late nights and early mornings at the studio to accommodate my production schedule. Ceramics is so labour intensive and requires that you are physically present for all stages of development, be it throwing, trimming, putting handles on, drying out evenly, bisquing, glazing, glazing and glazing again, and finally firing and pulling finished piece out of the kiln. If you slack off along the way, the whole cog stops turning and you lose what you tried to start. So I'm keeping that cog turnin', and turnin', and turnin' and hopefully it don't wear out:)


Eva / Sycamore Street Press said...

these latest mugs are so lovely. have you ever heard of holmes county pottery in ohio? if you are ever in the area, you should visit. they have an enormous outdoor kiln that takes something like 3 days to fire (with someone constantly stoking the flames). they make beautiful simple earthenware. a husband and wife team out in the countryside with a studio on the property right next to their house. very idyllic.

dahlhaus said...

Thanks Eva! I tried to find some online presence, but I guess I will have to actually go there to see their work! The idea of a country pottery studio and home totally appeals to me, although perhaps some would be a little too remote, but there is something so ideal about that lifestyle!