Thursday, December 11, 2008

First Hints of Snow...

Ahh Vancouver. I kept hearing about all the snow storms in eastern Canada and in the eastern States and I couldn't help but gloat a little. These two photos were taken today: December 11, 2008. It was a beautiful day and I only got to relish in it's beauty for the first hour of my day when I walked my oldest to school and then on my way to the studio. I couldn't help stopping by the side of the road to take some photos of the snow on the mountains. It was so crisp and beautiful, and, I tell you no lie when I say that there is allways a bush or plant blooming in our yard, year 'round. That would be pic #2...
Ok enough of the weather.

This weekend will be my last sale of the season!!! Portobello West Holiday Market, at the Rocky Mountaineer Station, Saturday and Sunday, 12-6! This is IT folk! That's all before Christmas, there will be no more! I thought I could squeek in a studio sale the following weekend, but NO, it won't be happening. Why? You may ask. Well, I am moving to a new studio down the hall and have to paint it up real pretty and homey before I move in. And then there's my darlin's 40th birthday coming up on the 19th. And then there's Christmas. Of course I am omitting all the shopping I haven't yet done (although I will be doing a lot of that at Portobello, mind you) and my kid's Christmas play to go to, a couple of Christmas concerts to attend and a few parties. So, yeah. I'll be busy. But before then, Portobello, and yes, there will be cake plates, teapots, poppy mugs with turquoise and Cardinal tree ornaments. So please come by and shop 'till you drop so I can buy my kids somethin' real nice from Santa.
Oh, and Merry Christmas. I'm sure I'll post something before then, but just in case.

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